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Indeed there is a court ruling about this. My point of view is:

- Oracle said that they will appeal => this can change again.
- I prefer not to rely on software supported on a specific platform due to
a court statement, when a software developper is "forced" to do something,
the quality of the product can decrease. I expect that Oracle will do
everything to force people to leave HP-UX.

Best regards.


Le mardi 12 novembre 2013, chandru :) a écrit :

> Hello,
> >Oracle release following 11g won't be released on IA64.
> Well this is not the case atleast for HP-UX. For HP-UX, oracle 12c will be
> released
> Check the attached SAP note containing the relevant oracle press release
> Regards,
> Chandru
> On Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 2:36 PM, Pierre-Stéphane Baton <ps.baton at gmail.com>wrote:
> Hello,
> The Oracle decision to stop further developments on Intel IA64 (Windows
> first, then HP-UX & Linux) has a major impact for a lot of SAP customers.
> If you are running SAP instances on Oracle & RHEL with IA64 hardware, you
> have two good reasons to move to a different hardware:
> - Oracle release following 11g won't be released on IA64.
> - RHEL6 has not been released for IA64.
> So, if you want to continue to work with the broad Unix world, I would
> recommend one of those solutions:
> - RHEL running on x86_64 with Oracle if you don't want to change the
> database.
> - RHEL running on x86_64 with another database (DB2 or Sybase if you have
> SAP Business Suite 7i2010 on SAP NetWeaver 7.02 (SAP ERP 6.05) ). Switching
> to another database could decrease the TCO of your solution, with "free"
> data compression, etc.
> - AIX & DB2 could be another robust solution, with a higher TCO.
> - If you are an Oracle fan, you should consider to switch to Solaris
> (SPARC or x86_64) & Oracle.
> Just have a look to the attached SAP NetWeaver PAM.
> Personally, as a migration (heterogeneous) is an heavy process, I would
> switch to a solution valid for the next 6 years, RHEL & Sybase (if you
> are eligible) could be really interesting with a low TCO.
> The Sybase support note:
> 1554717 - SYB: Planning information for SAP on Sybase ASE<http://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1554717>
> Best Regards,
> Pierre-Stéphane Baton
> www.flexso.com
> 2013/11/8 Anhalt, Ulrich - bhn <Anhalt.Ulrich at bhn-services.com>
> Hi,
> we already changed our BW and CRM environment from HP IA64 11.23/Oracle
> 11g to Linux RedHat X86 64/Oracle 11g. We used the standard
> heterogeneous system copy without remarkable problems. The result is
> lower costs and better performance.
> The ERP change will take place next year. One thing you might think
> about, is the support. Best if everything is in one hand and that's
> maybe not so easy with Linux.
> In my view it's a 'good' time to change the database too but not
> everything in one step. I think Oracle is a very good database and
> always worked for us but it's horrible expensive. That's why every few
> months the suits appear. The best alternative in this case might be
> Sybase but as administrator it's not really easy to set aside many years
> of oracle experience.
> Ulli
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