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Thu Nov 7 13:12:30 MET 2013

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Hello all,

We currently have  the following configuration for running SAP in house
(IA = HP Itanium 64bit )

   ECC6.0 environment

1.       Hardware – IA64bit

2.       Database version – Oracle 10g

3.       ABAP version - ERP 6.0  EHP4

4.       Red Hat Linux EL5

   Netweaver (BW/BI) environment

1.       Hardware – IA64 bit

2.       Database version – Oracle 10g

3.       ABAP version – Netweaver 7.0 EHP1

4.       Red Hat Linux EL5

Our investigations have revealed that SAP will not be certifying/upgrading  Oracle 11g and above on HP IA platform for Red Hat Linux just for  HP-UX.


1.       Are there any companies with a similar configuration as we have above?

2.       If so, what are the decisions you are making with respect to upgrading?  - We have just under two (2) years before our upgrade cycle?

3.       If considering or if you have made the transition to Inter X86-64bit , how was that transition?

4.       Is it a good time to consider moving to an alternate database as well?


Anthony E. Pierre

ICT Administrator

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