Xen to VMware migration

Florenz Kley florenz.kley at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 20 01:20:39 MET 2012

hi Michele,

On 09.02.2012, at 13:19, michele.donna at holcim.com wrote:
> I'm planning to migrate some SAP VMs from Xen to VMWare and was wondering
> if there are any performance benchmarks or suggestions on the storage type
> to use..on Xen I was using logical volumes for VMs

running a bunch of systems on SLES11 with lvm2, on blades running vSphere5 with a largish IBM storage behind it. No problems. Can't be bothered to give up lvm - it's just too convenient.

> ...my colleagues who run
> the VMWare systems said me they only use files...will I encounter I/O
> issues ?

can your friends be a bit more specific about their observations?


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