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I have a document (.pdf) labeled "SAP Monitoring Shared Library" from
August 8, 2002. Rather old. And written in german.

There is a chapter "5 Nagios". Here I read "At first, you have to
install Nagios (use the SAP version for this, since Nagios does not have
the full functionality)."

On February 2002, I started using nagios and asked this list for help.
Among others, I received the diff file to patch Nagios 1.x to have the
SAP menu entries (start GUI and so on).

Nagios is running fine, but some features are lost since we went to
Nagios 2.x. Now we use Nagios 3.x, and I'm missing those features.

When searching the SAP service marketplace, I see neither a SAPnote nor
a download. On, I see 4 hits for "nagios", but nothing to

In another PDF, titled "Einbinden externer Systemmanagement-Programme in
die SAP-CCMS-Monitoring-Architektur" (like the first PDF, but without
the subtitle "SAP Monitoring Shared Library" and "Version 1.0" on the
title page, and with more chapters), a screenshot of the complete menu
is shown (chapter 7.2, right underneath the text "that's why the Nagios
core was extended with SAP functionality additional to the monitoring

Is there still a patch for Nagios 3.x, so that we may restore the
missing functionality ("Start SAP on this host", "Stop SAP on this
host", "Start SAPGUI to this host", "Start ssh to this host", "Show


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