SAP CCMS nagio plugin configuration

Frank Fiene ffiene at
Wed May 7 07:20:35 MET DST 2008

On Dienstag 06 Mai 2008, PiCo wrote:
> I have renamed the template in order to have only "numbers" and also
> in the login.cfg I use only uppercasase letter for user and pswd
> Alsop I have inserted hostname instead of IP address in login.cfg
> so:
> [TEMPLATE_100]
> DESCRIPTION="Load Average"
> MONI_SET_NAME="SAP CCMS Admin Workplace"
> MONI_NAME="Operating System"
> PATTERN_0="*\*\CPU\5minLoadAverage"

Are you sure that MONI_SET_NAME, MONI_NAME and PATTERN_0 corresponds to 
your settings in SAP CCMS?

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