VMware and HA solutions

Michele Donna michele.donna at arxis.it
Fri Mar 7 18:31:41 MET 2008

Hi all,

We're thinking to virtualize on vmware esx some production
systems that are cross clustered between themselves with
Lifekeeper but have some doubts regarding the ha monitoring
and failover mechanism :

- if we move each SAP instance on a standalone virtual
machine, how we can manage OS failovers without using any
cluster aware solution (is that possible) ? 
- is vmware esx capable of switching the vitual machine on
another host ? 
- and what happens with SAP up and running (is there any
downtime?) ? 
- do we have to install a second virtual machine to
replicate the physical clusters we're actually using (thus
replicating the whole infrastructure)?

And another question : is the SLES 10 high availability
agent for SAP certified (I'm talking about this project
http://developer.novell.com/wiki/index.php/Cluster_ha) ? For
which releases ?

We have SAP releases starting from 40B to 700 so the
solution must be cross compatible.

Many thanks to all and cheers,

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