RZ20 and Nagios

Marco Wiese mwiese at beit.de
Thu Mar 6 09:53:11 MET 2008

Werner Flamme <werner.flamme at ufz.de> schrieb am 05.03.2008 15:53:00:
> Hi,
> we use nagios (check_sap_cons) to query some data from the CCMS. That's
> working fine (thanks to this mailing list ;-)) - Sol Man 4.0, NW 
> Now we try to monitor our ERP systems insinde RZ20. The monitors are
> defined and show up in RZ20. But I cannot read them with the nagios 
> Are there special requirements for the indicators inside SAP? Or is it
> impossible to read values from other systems?
> Regards,
> Werner

Hi Werner,

yes, it's possible. You can monitor all entries in RZ20 with nagios-ccms 
plugin. I figured out, that you have to set your monitor templates in 
/etc/sapmon/agent.cfg with numbers, not with characters, such as 
"TEMPLATE_15" instead of "TEMPLATE_JOBS" (just an example).

So, here is an example of my agent.cfg, which works for me:

DESCRIPTION="Enqueue Utilisation"
MONI_SET_NAME=SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors
MONI_NAME="All Monitoring Contexts"
PATTERN_0="QS0\Enqueue\Enqueue Server\Granule Entries Actual Utilisation"

Just have a look at the pattern above. Modify it for your needs and give 
it a try. Compare the entries with the entries in your RZ20 (-> SAP CCMS 
Technical Expert Monitors -> All Monitoring Contexts -> Enqueue -> Enqueue 
Server -> Granule Entries Actual Utilisation).

Let me know, if it works... :-)


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