Res: SAP R3 and Ubuntu Certification

Euler, Christian euler at
Wed Feb 27 14:41:10 MET 2008


> > I guess SuSE and/or RedHat kernels are more optimized for 
> better I/O performance.
> Is this a guess or a fact though? 
To be honest, it's more a guess than a fact. I'm currently playing with a freshly installed
Xen machine, maybe I'll find some time to do a few benchmarks between SuSE and Ubuntu..

> > This can cause funny things to happen when you are trying 
> to pinpoint a problem across different distributions ;)
> Also another guess though? True, every kernel is differently patched
> but are there any known issues with running SAP on Ubuntu/Debian?

Well... especially SuSE is known to backport things from development kernels. I'm not sure if this
is still true nowadays, but in the past this was extremely annoying sometimes. 

The only thing that comes to my mind now is that the SLES 10 kernel handles SCSI error conditions in 
the dm-multipath module different from the vanilla kernel. This causes our SAN clients to lock up 
sometimes when our storage system does a path failover. If we use the code from the original kernel, 
everything works fine ;)

I don't know if there are any issues with SAP on Debian based systems, I haven't tried to run a SAP
installation on such a system. Sure, Debian is a mature distrib, but they might not meet all those
requirements that SAP has.

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