Res: SAP R3 and Ubuntu Certification

Alan Pope alan at
Wed Feb 27 10:50:25 MET 2008

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 03:33:05PM -0800, Cleber Santz wrote:
> Not today, and i think not soon too, because Ubuntu kernel is veryslower 
yet comparing with SuSE or RH but the most important is theubuntu philosophy 
looks for Freedom and that is not SAP philosophy, butSuSE and RH are 
comercial distribuition    

Leaving aside the erroneous assertion that Ubuntu as a distribution is 
"slower" than other distributions..

On the subject of freedom, Ubuntu has multiple application repositories [0], 
some of which contain numerous "non-free" packages. The 'Restricted' and 
'Multiverse' repos contain packages which may contain software which is 
distributed under a non-free license.

In addition the Canonical (the sponsors of the Ubuntu project) 'Partner' 
repositories contains [1] proprietary software from 3rd-party vendors. 
Examples of software which is in those repos includes Parallels, VMWare and 
Opera browser. So Ubuntu clearly doesn't have a problem making 3rd party 
proprietary applications available to their users.

Finally it's worth noting that Canonical have a packaging service [2] 
whereby they can assist ISVs in packaging their software specifically for 
distribution to Ubuntu users through the partner repository. 

The next release of Ubuntu (due in April) has long term support provided 
[3], so would be an ideal platform for applications such as those provided 
by SAP. 

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