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I have no idea how zen works, but the VM needs to be able to virtualize 
any privileged or device call the virtual host makes. It can only 
virtualize what it knows about. If the virtual host has a requirement for 
a driver that the VM does not support, there could be problems. My 2 cents 


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Hi there,

I'm going to play around with SAP on XEN (SLES10) and I've found a small 
thing which confuses me a bit.

SAP Note 962334 says it is required that both host and guest system have 
the same package patch level installed. 
This doesn't make any sense to me, because the guest systems should be 
completely independent from the host system when it comes to installed 
software (at least to my understanding). The only real dependency that 
comes to my mind is the kernel package...

Does anybody have a little bit more background information on this?

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