HELP: HowTo Use nagios-ccms-plugin executables

Hans Harder hans at
Fri Oct 26 11:33:26 MET DST 2007


I have been watching this list for about 2-3 years and you are the first 
I see.

So far as I know, you should place some files in the /etc/sapmon directory

There in the agent.cfg, the templates are defined, for example:
MONI_SET_NAME="SAP CCMS Monitor Templates"
MONI_NAME="Entire System"

In login.cfg the correct login information should be set

I have been using it standalone (without Nagios) and rebuild it, because 
those config files are hard to maintain if you have a lot of systems.

if you have sap 7.xx you can also get the CCMS tree (even j2ee) by using 
sapcontrol (sap kernel executable) or using a soap request.


PiCo wrote:
> Hi!
> Can somebody help me on how to use:
> check_sap_instance_cons -> show standard data of application server, 
> Console Output
> check_sap_system_cons -> list all data for all servers of a SAP System 
> landscape
> I don't understand what write into template...

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