Performance on System copy NW 2004s 7.00

chris at chris at
Fri Oct 5 17:51:23 MET DST 2007

Hi all,

The system copies I've been running take a long time, esp the Import.
I have search the sap notes and found a few hints, such as;
using the latest exe kernel (114 for linux intel 64bit)
using the -nolog and -loadprocedure fast

Anyway, the hardware I'm testing on his dell 2950, Xeon 2x dual core
(2.3Ghz), 8G's ram.
Local SAS disks in RAID 5 config.
OS is SLES 10 SP1
File System Ext3

I notice that when I get to the Import ABAP phase that the load average is 
very high. And that although I'm using a multi-processor system only one
CPU at
a time is utilised, while the others are pretty much idle?

Anyone with some suggestions on how I could improve the performance?
...different file system?
...partition the disk differently?

Kind Regards,

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