Performance problems after migration to MaxDB

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Have you recollected your dbstats after the migrate?  You might have to delete the current stats and rerun a stats collection

Oracle's optimizer ( cost based or other ) don't create indexes on the fly. It uses the tables stats to determine which index would be the best to use. If you're stats are old or don't exist then oracle sits with exactly the same problem. 

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Hi Gert,

we have seen these issues too after a migration from MSSQL -> MAXDB.

One Reason is: Oracle/MSSQL databases are optimizing ongoing database
requests due to there statistics of past requests... So, if you have
a table without secondary indizies for requests oracle will do this
"magically" in background to speedup the requests.
For MaxDB you have to create secondary indizies for tables, where you
monitor bad performed requests. Indizies have to create in this way,
like select condition is stated in ABAP.
For Select * FOR ALL ENTRIES in itab you have to analyse, which
fields are in the itab for create a good 2nd index.

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After an migration from Oracle 8.1.7 to MaxDB 7.6.01-10 (running on Suse SLES9 SP3 x86-64) we have serious performance problems.

Selects which are done on views and joins are performing very bad, as before on the Oracle database. Also selections with the statement SELECT * FROM <tabel> ALL ENTRIES IN i_tab are bad also.


Is there anyone who has some experience with migrations to MaxDB or recognizes this problem. And most important, how this was solved. 


With thanks in advance.


Best regards,


Gert van Zuylen

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