Testdrive SAP NetWeaver 7.0 - SAP Web Application Server Linux only for 64-bit?

peter-mailbox at web.de peter-mailbox at web.de
Fri Aug 31 13:41:48 MET DST 2007


The Testdrive 'Technology Preview SAP NetWeaver 04s - SAP Web Application Server on Linux and MaxDB / DB2' (released at SAP TechED 2006), provided on DVD and as a download from SDN, is normally designed for 64-bit. It contains:
- The database (MaxDB or IBM DB2 UDB)
- SAP NetWeaver 7.0 for Linux x86_64
Is it possible to run it on 32-bit?
Migration of MaxDB database to 32-bit should be possible, but what's with the SAP NetWeaver Software?
Any idea or experience?

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