Installation problem on Suse 10.2

Harald Vajkonny vajkonny at
Sat Aug 25 13:53:45 MET DST 2007

Peter Küppers schrieb:
> Hello Harald,
> you can get the MaxDB upgrade from the MaxDB website 
> ( There is also a lot of documentation 
> about the MaxDB on the website (, 
> where you'll find information how to upgrade the database. The online 
> documentation is at
Thank you, I dowloaded all the rpm-files from there and installed them.
I had a little trouble with the
maxdb-web-, because yast complained that /usr/spool
should be a link to /var/spool rather than an existing directory. In
/usr/spool I only found a directory sql/ which contained  some symbolic
links  to /sapdb/data.  I then moved sql/ to /var/spool and created a
symbolic link from /usr/spool to /var/spool. After this little operation
I could install maxdb-web.

When running NW4/ I still receive the same error message as
before. This is probably, because maxdb is configured as sapdb-7.5-2
within the test_suite. (The sapdb-rpm is already installed). Maybe I'd
have to uninstall the sap-rpms (and probably even the installed
maxdb-rpms) manually in yast and reinstall the mysql-maxdb-rpms
afterwards? Would check for an existing maxdb before
installing the sapdb-package? Or is there any other option to tell that the actual maxdb now is a different one?
> If you have access to the sap service marketplace, you can also download the 
> MaxDB, documentations and sap notes about upgrading from the site 
> (a more SAP specific upgrade of the 
> database).
Unfortunately I have no access :(

> If you have further troubles, contact me again. I'm sorry, but I have not much 
> time this weekend to describe the upgrade in detail. But it's 'quite easy', 
> have a closer look in the documentation.
No problem. I am not in a hurry to get the installation done. Just feel
free to answer me any time you have the opportunity.

Best regards,
Harald Vajkonny

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