Installation problem on Suse 10.2

Peter Küppers peter-mailbox at
Fri Aug 24 21:18:40 MET DST 2007

Hello Harald,

you can get the MaxDB upgrade from the MaxDB website 
( There is also a lot of documentation 
about the MaxDB on the website (, 
where you'll find information how to upgrade the database. The online 
documentation is at

If you have access to the sap service marketplace, you can also download the 
MaxDB, documentations and sap notes about upgrading from the site (a more SAP specific upgrade of the 

If you have further troubles, contact me again. I'm sorry, but I have not much 
time this weekend to describe the upgrade in detail. But it's 'quite easy', 
have a closer look in the documentation.



Am Freitag, 24. August 2007 18:11 schrieb Harald Vajkonny:
> Hello,
> Peter Küppers schrieb:
> > Solution:
> >> The recommended solution is patching the SAP Kernel and MaxDB.
> >
> > I upgraded the MaxDB database to 7.6 (Build 35) and that solved the
> > problem. <<<
> Thank you for this recommendation. Where can I get the MaxDB upgrade and
> how should I install it?
> Best regards,
> Harald Vajkonny

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