Installation problem on Suse 10.2

Markus Voelker mgv at
Sat Aug 18 00:11:02 MET DST 2007

I ran it under SuSE 10.2 .. :D
all I had to do was installing this compat.

Harald Vajkonny schrieb:
> Markus Voelker schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> On your System the compat*.rpm is missing.
>> The glib.c on your System is not compatible with the one needed.
>> So you have to install compat-2006.1.25-29.i586.rpm via yast :).
>> (The Version is a guess... so just watch out, what compat-lib is
>> available for your system.)
>> That 'll be all :)
> I checked my compat*.rpm already and I do have exactly the same version,
> you mentioned (which I believe is the most recent one). It seems that
> SAP test_suite NW4 does not run with newer releases of Suse newer than
> 9.3. :( Or is there anybody who managed installing it on Suse 10.x?
> Best regards,
> Harald

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