SAP WAS on Debian system

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Mon Oct 30 22:10:49 MET 2006

Hi Juan,

That error is because the script tries to get a concrete screen resolution. If it gets lower than expected it finishes with that error.
Just run at X console maximized (xterm for example). It should work.
Else take a look at the script :D


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Asunto: SAP WAS on Debian system
I want to install SAP Web Application Server on Linux Debian and Mysap netweaver testdrive.
I have the just published testing DVD (with SAP WAS). But there are rpm packets in /server/RPMS/i386 and when i run, system said me:
No SAPEULA License found.
Can I install SAP WAS on Debian? There are a installation manual on net?
A lot of thans in advance.
Best regards

Juan L. Ragel

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