AW: how to uninstall my SAP NW'04 tesdrive SR1 WAS 6.40 linux/maxDB

Markus Lahr markus.lahr at
Wed Oct 25 10:56:44 MET DST 2006

Hi all.

> my system was crashed after execute of the report "sapbc_data_generator" 
What does 'crashed' mean ? MaxDB database full ? At least the log file(s) of MaxDB can be cleaned with
the MaxDB Database Manager. 
> (variant monster dataset) in background . i would like to reinstall - 
> therefore the uninstall - my testdrive.
Delete all SAP users in YAST2 including their home directories.
Delete all directories like /usr/sap/ , /sapmnt/ (see the FAQ from the testdrive "MiniSAP is installed in the following directories")
After this, the system can be reinstalled without problems ;-)

Greetz M.L.

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