Fedora Core 2 freezes after connecting via java gui

Jan Michael jan.michael at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 12:12:41 MET DST 2006

Hello Everyone,

in the last days I tried to install SAP Netweaver Testdrive Linux
several times on a virtual machine under Fedora Core 2 as specified in
the install instructions.

After a successfull installation I can start the whole testdrive with
startsap as nw4adm. That works.
After that I try to connect as normal user (not nw4adm) via the java
gui as specified in install instructions to the testdrive.

But then something happens that is not explainable to me.
>From the java gui i get a small window where it says "Connecting" with
a nice status bar. But the the whole linux system freezes.

At this state I can only hard reboot the system. The logs didnt
explain the crash.

Is this a common problem? Are there any suggestions for Linux
distributions which will definitly work?

Thanks for your help guys,


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