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We had situations in the past, where we were asked to install an old machine.
This has been necessary for testing or documentation purposes, I guess.

Good point mentioning the archive, by the way!
I think we will rent a server in the future, if we need to provide an ancient release.
Then the department which ordered the SAP system would have to be billed directly.

Thanks for the answers!
Kind regards


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Schindewolf, Stefan:
> I just wondered what one does with old system backups after a migration.

We keep our backups for 6 weeks. And after the migration from HP-UX/PA-RISC to Linux/IA64 we did the same.

> We have HP-UX based installations which were backed up years ago (e.g.
> before the release upgrade from 4.0B).

Why do you keep old backups? All important "old" data is in the archive, which is independent from the operating-system. And all important fresh data is in the current backup. What do you want do do with backups that are some years old?

> Those backups will be useless when we migrate to Linux and scrap the 
> last Unix Servers.


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