Linux Migration and old backups

Christof Awater sap-linux-general at
Tue Mar 21 23:10:14 MET 2006

Schindewolf, Stefan:
> I just wondered what one does with old system backups after a migration.

We keep our backups for 6 weeks. And after the migration
from HP-UX/PA-RISC to Linux/IA64 we did the same.

> We have HP-UX based installations which were backed up years ago (e.g.
> before the release upgrade from 4.0B).

Why do you keep old backups? All important "old" data is in the archive,
which is independent from the operating-system. And all important fresh
data is in the current backup. What do you want do do with backups
that are some years old?

> Those backups will be useless when we migrate to Linux and scrap the
> last Unix Servers.



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