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Wienen Martin IT20 martin.wienen at
Wed Mar 15 14:38:33 MET 2006

Hi All


We have installed a new Server, but when I start the sap, follow message is coming:



lx23.seag.local:p22adm 1> startsap


Checking P22 Database


 ABAP Database is not available via R3trans


Checking P22 Database



Starting SAP-Collector Daemon


12:54:56 15.03.2006   LOG: Effective User Id is root


* This is Saposcol Version COLL 20.87 640 - V1.12 for Linux

* Usage:  saposcol -l: Start OS Collector

*         saposcol -k: Stop  OS Collector

*         saposcol -d: OS Collector Dialog Mode

*         saposcol -s: OS Collector Status

* The OS Collector (PID 5292) is already running .....


 saposcol already running


Starting SAP Instance D02


 Startup-Log is written to /home/p22adm/startsap_D02.log

 Instance on host lx23.seag.local started

 IGS on host lx23.seag.local started


lx23.seag.local:p22adm 2> 



I think we have used the wrong Listener in the installation, could we change this???


Thank all.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen 
Martin Wienen 

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