SAP Netweaver Testdrive, Login as developer

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Sun Mar 5 14:38:01 MET 2006

All the information you are looking for is on the Testdrive CD.

Read the installation instructions and look at the index.html and the
install.html files .... It tells you how to license the system, and shows
you all the userids and passwords that come pre-configured.
Assuming you have licensed the system correctly. You should have no problem
logging in as DEVELOPER with password DEVELOPER.

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I successfully installed and  logged the SAP in Netweaver test drive
04 on Suse Linux 9.3 as a user sap *.  I would like to provide and be able
to implement ABAP programs.  That does not fold as a user sap *.  
(Error because of no necessary authorization).
The attempt, to log in as user "developer"  fails.
In the installation guidance of SAP LinuxLab is not indicated ACCESS key.
What do I have to do, in order to be able to log me in with the necessary


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