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>Date: 03 Mar 2006 10:47:37 +0000
>From: Philip Kisloff <pkisloff at>
>Subject: First steps for installing PlatinGUI for TestDrive
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Hi Phil,

You must adapt the "guilogon", with the right path to your java vm in 
I have send an email to you with the solution.

best wishes,


>I'm trying install the PlatinGUI from NW4 TestDrive, but am not sure how
>to proceed. I've successfully completed install SAP WebAS 6.40 in RH9,
>and can start and stop it successfuly. Ran /mnt/cdrom/ client
>which also completed successfully, but then nothing.
>I noticed directory /opt/SAPGUI was created but, have trouble
>understanding the installation notes as I have been learning Linux for
>only a week and half (finished installing RH9 last weekend).
>When run guilogon get following message: 
>Could not find Java VM at various standard locations.
>If you want to use a non standard VM please set
>the environment variables PLATIN_JAVA and PLATIN_JAVA_VER.
>PLATIN_JAVA points to the VM executable e.g.
>PLATIN_JAVA_VER is the version number of the VM e.g.1.3.1
>Obviously, I thought I had installed J2SDK_1_4_2_11 but what else is
>needed ?
>Many Thanks

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