First steps for installing PlatinGUI for TestDrive

Philip Kisloff pkisloff at
Fri Mar 3 11:47:37 MET 2006

I'm trying install the PlatinGUI from NW4 TestDrive, but am not sure how
to proceed. I've successfully completed install SAP WebAS 6.40 in RH9,
and can start and stop it successfuly. Ran /mnt/cdrom/ client
which also completed successfully, but then nothing.

I noticed directory /opt/SAPGUI was created but, have trouble
understanding the installation notes as I have been learning Linux for
only a week and half (finished installing RH9 last weekend).

When run guilogon get following message: 

Could not find Java VM at various standard locations.
If you want to use a non standard VM please set
the environment variables PLATIN_JAVA and PLATIN_JAVA_VER.
PLATIN_JAVA points to the VM executable e.g.
PLATIN_JAVA_VER is the version number of the VM e.g.1.3.1

Obviously, I thought I had installed J2SDK_1_4_2_11 but what else is
needed ?

Many Thanks


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