x86_64 on 46C 64-bit kernel support

Flores, Marlonie floresmt at delmonte-phil.com
Fri Sep 16 08:26:41 MET DST 2005

Hello Stian,

Yes only 32-bit kernel not 64-bit kernel. It's unfortunate the it's only
supported on WAS640. We cannot just upgrade our R3 46C system to R3
Enterprise. I was hoping that SAP will support the 46D on x86_64 linux

Best regards,

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It is still only supported in the following config:
	64bit db with 46D 32 bit kernel on 64 bit OS (see note: 816097)

Best regards

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I would like to know if linux x86_64 (AMD) platform to support on SAP
Kernel 46D 64-bit kernel. Ay information would be much appreciated.

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