SAP Portal HA solution for Linux

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Mon Sep 5 09:45:01 MET DST 2005

We have 2 Web Application servers + 2 DB Servers for SAP Portal 6.0 project.
There are 4 HP Proliant servers with SLES9 (32 bit) + Oracle 9i.
Do you know about a status of HA for this configuration? If something was changed?
Will note 527843 be changed for NetVeawer 04?
We have Oracle9iR2 RAC and HP Serviceguard (with Oracle extension) 
for 2 DB nodes (+ Central Instance). We are going to use Layer 4 Switch for 2 Application
servers load balancing.
Could we build any HA configuration for this architecture which will be supported by SAP?
Do we need HP ServiceGuard Extension for SAP instead of SG Oracle extension?
Thanks in advance,
Arthur Shkabatur,
System Manager,
Haifa University
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