EP 6.0 on WAS 6.40 installation on SUSE Linux

Dale Wilson Dale.Wilson at axonglobal.com
Tue Mar 29 17:50:18 MET DST 2005

cd /usr/sap/<SID>/JC<sysnr>/j2ee/admin
There is no saplicense command with a JAVA only install.

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 Hello,  LinuxList

I can't see file "saplicense" to get a "hardware key" of my server.
It wasn't unpacked from EP 6.0 on WAS 6.40 on Linux32 installation.
Another question - how to open "Virtual Administrator" to put a new
license on"?
I can't see it neither via "configtool.sh" nor via "SAP Portal -> System
Administration -> System Configuration".

Thanks in advance,

Arthur Shkabatur,
Haifa University, Israel

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