Upgrade of RedHat Enterprise 2.1 to 3.0

Nils Philippsen linux at sap.com
Tue Mar 29 16:18:18 MET DST 2005

Hi Stefano,

On Tue, 2005-03-22 at 12:05 +0100, stefano.schiavi at techedge.it wrote:

> We are planning to upgrade our production system ( SRM 3 , Linux Redhat
> enterprise 2.1 , sap db: oracle , catalog db: oracle 8.1.7 ) to Linux
> Redhat Entrprise 3.0
> Any one knows issues ...tips.... raccomendations ?

from my POV, there isn't much to say, all necessary information should
be in note 722273 (if not, I want to hear about it). I don't know which
SAP kernel is used with SRM 3, if it is kernel 6.20, you need to undo
some things, but this is also documented in the note. AFAIK (I don't
know much in Oracle space, so take this with a grain of salt), Oracle
8.1.7 isn't certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 so the "catalog
db" (whatever that is ;-) would probably need to be updated. Perhaps
someone with more Oracle knowledge than me can comment on this? Other
than that I think the largest part should be upgrading the operating

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