Java SAPGUI: Connection Process Bar freeze

Alexander Hass linux at
Wed Mar 23 19:11:57 MET 2005

Hello Peter,

Peter wrote:
> I had a closer look to my configuration (see below) and changed the network a 
> little bit. But it don't work. The connection process bar still freezes in 
> the middle. I made a trace file via GUI, see attachment. 


> I configured the network manually, since ./ is written for SuSE 9.0 
> and not properly working for 9.2
> (The alias eth0:0 must be configured in a different way, but it works now)
> 2.) etc/hosts says:
>       localhost
> linux
> nw4host
> Should be OK (manually configured after informations from ./

I added / updated the tips&tricks section on the website recently - sorry for
beeing that late - but you can now check

for the "no start profiles found" problem on newer SUSE versions.

> 3.) SAP-GUI - expert configuration:
> conn=/H/
> Should be OK

-> Usually the system number of the NW4 TestDrive is '00', therefore the port
number should be '3200' - instead of '3201'.

> 4.) nw4host:nw4adm 31> startsap nw4host says:
> and I waited for more than 10 minutes after startup

If the system became "quiet" (no more heavy paging for instance :) ) after the
startup, it should be ready for logging in.

> 5.) sysctl should be OK:
> cat /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax says: 2313682943

The system can't start, if shmmax is lower than 1GB, so everything should be
fine in this area.

Best regards,



Alexander Hass
SAP AG Walldorf/Baden, Germany

SAP LinuxLab support address: linux at

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