Strange cluster problem

Michele Donna michele.donna at
Wed Mar 23 18:53:56 MET 2005

Hello all, 

We have a strange problem on Sles 9 / Oralce / SEM 3.2 (BW 3.1) 

the configuration is : 

 - SAP Central instance is on a 2 node cluster (on the other node there's an 
application server)
 - Oracle installed on 2 other nodes and clustered (both sap and oracle are 
clustered with lifekeeper) 

When running the database instance on node A, there are no problems, but if 
the database  node switch on server B there happen dumps of type 


More detail follow : 

ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column
ORA-01483: invalid length for DATE or NUMBER bind variable 

I believe there was some oracle client issue bul all is ok.. 

It seems there's something broken with the sql statements.. 

Do you have any suggestion ? 

Many thanks and regards,

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