EP 6.0 on WAS 6.40 installation on SUSE Linux

arthur at univ.haifa.ac.il arthur at univ.haifa.ac.il
Wed Mar 23 11:09:41 MET 2005

 Hello,  LinuxList
1. I've installed SAP EP 6.0 on WAS 6.40 on SUSE 9 Enterprise server.
The 24th step from 26 ones from J2EE/WAS installation was "Start J2EE engine". In parallel, the process
running "analyzing" was up. It waited for a long time. I killed the process "analyze"
and EP installation was successfully finished. Is it OK? Maybe I need to run "analyzing"
2. I'm going to install SP11 fro EP 6.0 on WAS 6.40 on Linux Suse.
I have a problem to open SAR file TREX61SP11P_1-10002765.SAR.
I get a message:
SAPCAR: error in GetEntryData(); unknown block type (error 100).
I tried to open it on another Linux and AIX machines and got the same message.
How can I continue?
Thanks in advance,
Arthur Shkabatur,
Haifa University, Israel
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