Problem with Single Sign On and Linux Apache

Schindewolf, Stefan, Infraserv-Hoechst/DE Stefan.Schindewolf at
Mon Mar 21 17:35:04 MET 2005


We try to use SAP Enterprise Portals 6.0 as a single sign on entry point to our web applications.
Enabling Single Sign On via SAP Logon Ticket (MYSAPSSO2) according to the SAP guides works fine with Web Application Server and J2EE Engine.

We now want to connect our management host apache server which is running on RedHat.
Therefore we use the tools provided by SAP via ftp on sapservx.

Accessing the Webpages from the portal with username and password works fine.
But as soon as I send the Logon Ticket the apache process dies with a segfault.
stracing the processes did not bring any valuable information.

Is anyone familiar with that topic?

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