Java SAPGUI: Connection Process Bar freeze

Markus Lahr markus.lahr at
Sat Mar 19 09:35:56 MET 2005

Hi all.

Maybe I've got some ideas (SUSE Linux 9.0 Prof. & WAS 6.40 RC1):
1.) network ok ? I mean: do you see a line 'Device eth0' after executing ./ (once again)? 	Screenshot
2.) in /etc/hosts -> 	nw4host 
3.) in SAP-GUI - expert configuration: conn=/H/
4.) The message 'Instance on nw4host started' is not enough: wait till your harddrive stops loading all parts of the WAS ;-) (lasts about 7 minutes..)
5.) Before starting the WAS: type 'su - root', 
'sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=1700000000', 'su - nw4adm', 'startsap'
6.) Maybe one of the programs (SAPJ2EE...) is out of order. Try to deinstall the SAP License and the faulty program via YAST2. Then reinstall it via './'

I've written some german pdf-files about installing and repairing WAS 6.40 RC1 @ SUSE 9.0 in case it's necessary. Interested ?  Just mail me :-)   (but they don't look like the ones from B.A. Lehmann...)

Best regards

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