Cluster/SAN filesystems supported by SAP on Linux

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Thanks so much to all of you for your responses!


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The only bits you need to cluster is the central instance and the database instance (oh, and NFS for /sapmnt). There is little point in being able to move an application server around, as this is not a single point of failure.. If you go for a standalone message/enqueue server (6.40 only, 6.20 on ramp-up) you only need to cluster these and the DB as there is no longer a central instance (you also get the advantage of a standby enqueue server with this so you'll avoid transaction terminations due to loosing the enqueue service). Just install an application server for all SAP applications on all servers and stop and start them as required (or use SAP's adaptive computing controller). If you are looking for some Linux clustering software that supports SAP, try  SteelEye LifeKeeper. 6.40 isn't supported yet, but you'll struggle to find any Linux based cluster solution that supports 6.40 at the moment.

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Thanks for the quick response.

I'm trying to figure out a way of sharing a central SAN-based SAP installation (DB+CI+AppServs) among a set of computers (nodes) in order to move SAP components around upon demand or when required (e.g. a node failure). Of course, there is a virtualization layer in between (logical IP address and so on).

I knew of the existence of OCFS. But I can't use it because it only supports Oracle's files (datafiles, controlfiles, archives). The current stable version is not a general-purpose CFS. I also started to work with GFS but is seems that it's not supported by SAP yet (as you mentioned). Veritas CFS is not supported either. 


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> I was wondering if someone knows which SAN filesystems are 
> currently supported by SAP on Linux, or at least get 
> references (OSS notes, links, etc.) I can start looking at. 

I read some time ago that someone was experimenting with GFS
( but I believe there's no "official
released" SAP version for Linux yet.

What are you trying to archive? For Oracle RAC OCFS is in controlled
availability (note 527843).


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