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Hello All,

I was wondering if someone knows which SAN filesystems are currently
supported by SAP on Linux, or at least get references (OSS notes, links,
etc.) I can start looking at. I know there is few products out there in the
market. But I can't find anything about SAP support at Marketplace. Any
help/clue will be appreciated.


Jose M. Prieto
SAP Certified Technical Consultant
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Realtech Inc.
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Hi / Hola Jose Manuel:

      Well, as far as i know, SAP is not 'interested' in what type of
storage is used. You can use IDE disks, SATA, SCSI, iSCSI, NFS... I can
recomend you a combination of QLogic devices with IBM SAN, HP EVA or Dell
storage, there you can get a range of price/performance. Once you get it,
you can create filesystems normally ( lvm ,ext3, jfs...) 'cause the SAN
devices will offer 'physical disks' to your Linux/SAP machines.

      It's important to get devices with open source drivers ( qlogic has
open source drivers for is fiber devices ) you will get more freedom when
trying to apply better patches for your kernels.

      For example, trying to minimize price, i could go to Dell and buy
some application servers for a reduced price, all connecting nfs
/usr/sap/trans, all relaying on to 2/4 Dell servers running Oracle 9i RAC.
All under LVM and ext3.


David Ballester Montolio
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