Cluster/SAN filesystems supported by SAP on Linux

"Döhr, Markus ICC-H" Markus.Doehr at
Fri Mar 18 17:48:21 MET 2005

> I'm trying to figure out a way of sharing a central SAN-based 
> SAP installation (DB+CI+AppServs) among a set of computers 
> (nodes) in order to move SAP components around upon demand or 
> when required (e.g. a node failure). Of course, there is a 
> virtualization layer in between (logical IP address and so on).

A slightly different approach to archive this is to use "Adaptive
Infrastructure", a combination of Blade servers and a NAS storage. It will
enable you to switch the servers as needed. Blades are booted from the NAS
and get their information through a bootimage and can be switched
dynamically since all the setup is stored centrally. I think there are
already productive customers using this infrastructure.

Search SMP for "adaptive computing" or "adaptive infrastructure".

Maybe this will help you without using proprietary technolgies (such as
Veritas) which are not and will maybe never supported officially because SAP
will not certify tainted kernels.


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