Splitting DB and CI ( database instance and Central Instance )

"Döhr, Markus ICC-H" Markus.Doehr at siegenia-aubi.com
Sat Mar 12 12:50:16 MET 2005

> Do I have to do a complete reinstall or can I install the CI 
> on the second machine  and point it to the DB  on the second machine

You can install an instance on the second machine and point it to the
database on the other system. You should leave though some dialog processes
on the first box since otherwise it will not be visible/managable through
RZ20 (at least not the full functionality).

> 	2.  Does SAP support 64-bit Linux on Intel  or AMD 
> Opteron hardware and Oracle DB 9i or 10g ?

We just came back from the CeBIT fair yesterday and SAP presented there the
port of x86_64 :-) It will be officially released very soon! :-)


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