J2ee does'nt work after system copy

Derek Colley derek at netsimple.net
Thu Mar 10 17:13:34 MET 2005


It could be a number of things...

Have you cloned structure and data?
Is the hardware the same / is it the same server?
If you have less RAM on the test server, you might have to change the memory
settings for Java.
Are there any errors in the log file(s)?
Windows or UNIX/Linux?
Are there any errors at the command prompt when you do "startsap j2ee"
Are there any errors in ST22?


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> Hi Gurus
> We have cloned a production system SRP over a test system SRT.
> before the operation all is perfect.
> After the postinstallation phases , the R3 side of the system 
> copy is good , but not for the j2ee:
> the response is:
> Dispatcher not running.
> Any1 have ideas?
> steven
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