stopsap hangs at -> Checking ADA db Database

Derek Colley derek at
Tue Mar 8 15:47:17 MET 2005


I have left my installation unused for a couple of months, and out of spite
it's now playing up...
I suspect the license has run out, so I am trying to install a new one via
RPM. Should I do this while sap is running or stopped? I tried both
approaches but I still can't get a gui login screen - the pre-gui "waiting
for connection" mini-screen just hangs.
Also, I suspect something is wrong with the database. It hangs at:

[root at mandrake lin]# su - nw4adm
nw4host:nw4adm 1> stopsap all
Checking ADA db Database

I have checked the disk space:
[root at mandrake init.d]# df -k
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
                      10183332   6080976   3585068  63% /
                     229097332  84094820 145002512  37% /home
tmpfs                  1048576       720   1047856   1% /dev/shm

>>> 3.5Gb avail on / and 145Gb avail on /home

If I want to check the DB log files, which ones do I check?
/home/sapdb/NW4/log/NW4/DISKL001 is binary
/home/sapdb/NW4/saplog/DISKL001 -> /sapdb/NW4/log/NW4/DISKL001

Any pointers would be great.

Many thanks,

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