Support for EM64T in SLES9

Alexander Hass linux at
Mon Jan 31 20:04:37 MET 2005

David Hull wrote:
> Just to clarify: the products I see on the SuSE page are:
> SUSE SLES 9 for x86
> <> 
> SUSE SLES 9 for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
> <>
> not "SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 for X86 and AMD64/Intel EM64T".

You are right - those are two versions of SUSE, one for each architecture - but
both are shipped within the same box, which is named "... for x86 and AMD64 &
Intel EM64T" :)
Sorry for causing confusion...

> So, I have 35 ProLiant DL360s coming into my production environment,
> which are certified by HP and SuSE.  Under SuSE 8, I ran SLES 8 for x86,
> because SLES 8 did not have a version with EM64T support.  However, the
> server incorporates EM64T technology.  That means for my SAP servers I
> have to run SLES 9 for x86, not SLES 9 for AMD64/Intel EM64T, correct?

This is correct, as there is currently no SAP support for the x86_64
architecture. But as soon as this new platform is supported, it should be
possible to upgrade/reinstall your servers with the x86_64 version of SUSE and
by doing this, enabling the 64 Bit extension.

Best regards,
	Alexander Hass.



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