FW: SAP NetWeaver 04 TestDrive SR1 - Add volume

Leon Boeijen Leon at TheMuth.com
Tue Jan 25 20:04:41 MET 2005

Hello Henrik,
Is the name of the file realy DISK0002, In my case it was DISKD0002
This a Data Volume.
If you want to keep the type to Link then you have to make you're own
symbolic link:
Logon to linux as root
Change dir to the data file dir
# cd /sapdb/NW4/data/NW4
Create the DISKD0002 file
# touch DISKD0002
Change the rights and user of the file
# chmod 660 DISKD0002
# chown sdb:sdba DISKD0002
Change dir to the sapdata dir
# cd /sapdb/NW4/sapdata
Create a link 
# ln -s /sapdb/NW4/data/NW4/DISKD0002 DISKD0002
This makes a link from file /sapdb/NW4/sapdata/DISKD0002 to
Now try again if you can create the new volume.
Leon Boeijen
Leon at TheMuth.com


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I have installed the SAP NetWeaver 04 TestDrive SR1 and have run out of
space. So now I have to add an additional volume.


I have installed Database Manager on my pc and can connect as
control to the instance, but when I try to add a new volume I keep getting a
‘-24891 the symbolic link /sapdb/NW4/sapdata/DISK0002 does not exist
[db_adddevice DATA /sapdb/NW4/sapdata/DISK0002 L 851968]’ error.


I have done this a couple of times with the WAS 6.10 TestDrive without
problems. The difference between the two systems is that the WAS 6.10 volume
is type ‘File’ and NetWeaver 04 is a type ‘Link’.


What should I do? Should I just change the type on NetWeaver 04 to ‘File’
ignoring the first volume is type ‘Link’ or is there some additional steps
for creating a symbolic link volume?


Venlig hilsen/Best regards

Henrik Damhøj Andersen


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