Not able to create new ABAP Program on NW4 Testdrive

Jean-Gabriel Duquesnoy jean-gabriel at
Sat Jan 22 18:58:17 MET 2005


I am trying to create a new ABAP program, but get stuck on the first steps.
The system always asks me for an "Access Key". I have no idea how 
To get this. In the help I just get the following hint:
"You need an access key for each developer in the system. This key has to be
entered only once.
Connect to the R/3 Online Service System. Here you can obtain an access key for
development users and objects."

Unfortunately, I am quite new with SAP, and have no idea what all this means.
What is exactly meant with "R/3 Online Service System"? 

Thanks for any help on that.

Best regards,

Jean-Gabriel Duquesnoy

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