Problems starting WAS 640

"Döhr, Markus ICC-H" Markus.Doehr at
Thu Jan 20 14:35:44 MET 2005

> I followed the steps from the Unicode migration guide and all 
> seemed to be ok (no errors reported etc)..

Ah - ok, you didn't mention this earlier...

> I have a question : following  the "Initialize/Edit Language 
> Lists" chapter I changed the codepages (DE and EN are the 
> only installed languages) from 1100 to 1160 for having 
> characters like EUR to be correctly converted, is that correct 
> ? Or should I keep 1100 (with possible data lost for extra
> characters) ?

Good question. Maybe one can look, if EUR was added to 1100 in some support

B  db_calinit failed
M  *** ERROR => ThCallHooks: event handler db_init for event CREATE_SHM
failed [thxxtool3.c  252]
M  *** ERROR => ThIPCInit: hook failed [thxxhead.c   1901]
M  ***LOG R19=> tskh_init, ThIPCInit ( TSKH-IPC-000001) [thxxhead.c   1359]
M  in_ThErrHandle: 1
M  *** ERROR => tskh_init: ThIPCInit (step 1, th_errno 17, action 3, level
1) [thxxhead.c   9413]

There's a problem with the shared memory (paramters).

Do you use shared memory to manage semaphores?

Maybe you should update you kernel to the latest available one (Patchlevel
53) - see also note 447519 and also check the version of your


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