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Michele Donna michele.donna at arxis.it
Thu Jan 20 14:07:01 MET 2005

Hello Markus,

I followed the steps from the Unicode migration guide and all seemed to be
ok (no errors reported etc)..

I have a question : following  the "Initialize/Edit Language Lists" chapter
I changed the codepages (DE and EN are the only installed languages) from
1100 to 1160 for having characters like € to be correctly converted, is that
correct ? Or should I keep 1100 (with possible data lost for extra
characters) ?

Many thanks and regards,

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If you migrate a non-unicode to a unicode system additional steps has to be
made in the source system (a lot of them) so that every word, every table is
classified in the correct language.

There is a "Unicode Migration Guide" for WAS 6.40 on the Service Marketplace
somewhere here:


We're also currently "training" this migration with a separate system, for a
"naked" WAS620 system you have to classify ~ 8000 words that have no
language flags set... So be warned ;-)


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