Error migrating to SAP Enterprise

Antonio arsnt0 at
Mon Jan 17 20:34:39 MET 2005


We have a problem when we are trying to upgrade from SAP 45B to Enterprise, 
when reached the SHADOW_IMPORT_UPG2 phase the process hung and we had to 
stop it and reboot the system  after changing a environment setting (OS). 
We restarted the process by the phase where it was but it didn´t work.

The operating system is an HP-UX 11.0B and we have installed Oracle 
without problems. The process that we follow to upgrade is 
DOWNTIME-MINIMIZED, then we have up SAP (in fact is running perfectly) but 
the Shadow Instance that was before up, now it doesn't, and there is no way 
to get up.

We're checking settings, notes... but nothing help us.

Has anyone any idea what is wrong or how to proceed?

Thanks in advance.


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