License expires (Arne Sickmann)

Rama Guptar guptarrama at
Thu Jan 13 16:09:31 MET 2005

> Hi,
> the license for my Linux 6.40 NW4 Testdrive expires in 4 days, so I went
> to and requested a new license file.
> I got it into my mailbox and installed it with "rpm -Uhv
> saplicense-maxdb-NW4-6.40-20050303.noarch.rpm".
> However, when I log on to SAP, I get the message "License expires in 4
> days".
> Does anyone know why that happens?

Dis you stopped the system when you install the license?  I found that once, 
even though I stopp it, one of the process "saposcol" I think was still 
running, it seem he read the license info only when he start,. so logging 
oyn you see old infos.   I kill it by PID, install again just to be sure and 
restart SAP, all OK. 

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