Problems because SAP-CCMS Nagios-plugin RFC-sessions?

Himmler Andreas (OI&T V) andreas.himmler at
Wed Jan 5 12:36:56 MET 2005


During the last few weeks we had sometimes the phenomenon that on one of our
applicationservers many workprocesses hang in report SAPLSALM with status
waiting for RFC. After <10 minutes it solved itself. We couldn't find any
reason for this - only that it were sessions of the SAP-CCMS-nagios-plugin
(because of the user).

On the same applicationserver (not only when the problem occurs) we also
have many messages in the SAP-syslog like:

Verbindung zu CPIC-Client 382 abgebaut   (Connection to CPIC-Client 382
> Partner LU Name: nagios
> Host
> Partner TP Name: SAPCPIC


Kommunikations-Fehler, CPIC-RC=202, SAP-RC=223     (Communication-error,
CPIC-RC=202, SAP-RC=223)
> Conversation-ID= 84327349
> CPIC-Funktion: CMSEND(SAP)

On all other hosts (also the second applicationserver of the same system
like the described) don't have any of this problems...

Any ideas or hints or something?

Thanks in advance!


Himmler Andreas
OEAMTC Vienna, Austria

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