WAS Linux evaluation

Pradeep Sagam pssone at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 18:54:07 MET DST 2005

I've installed and have started the server successfully on an AMD-64
system running Fedora Core 3. But I have issues running the SAP -GUI.
I have Java 1.5 installed (64-bit distro).

When I start the gui the screen comes up and when I attempt to add a
new connection I get a bunch of awt errors. So I installed the latest
client version (i386) from the ftp site. This one starts up alright -
I can add a server but the connection screen (w/ progress bar) freezes
and  the error is path related (java.lib or something similar) Instead
of detouring on some of these pesky things ...

 I tried to connect to this server from a windows machine but I get a
10061 error.  I am quite new to SAP but I've been doing Linux and Java
for a long time.

Any help or pointers to get things started would be appreciated.

-Pradeep Sagam

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